DCI's SiC Powermelt Briquettes are designed to add silicon and carbon to cupola-melted iron.  In addition, Powermelt Briquettes provide deoxidation, increased melt rate, improved chill, reduced need for expensive inoculants, and improved mechanical properties of castings.  Produced in a family owned business environment, and using state-of-the-art equipment and processes, Powermelt Briquettes are the foundry industry's benchmark for consistently high quality products.

Powermelt Briquettes come in a number of different sizes, shapes, and SiC content.  For more information, Contact Us.


DCI's Powermelt 90% grain is the world's highest quality SiC product melted in electric furnaces.  Powermelt is screened, in a proprietary manner, on DCI property in order to deliver maximum value to the foundry industry.  The extraordinary care given to Powermelt's sizing enables the melter to realize the very best results.  With a Carbon Lab on site, DCI carefully monitors chemistry and sizing during each production cycle.


Like Powermelt Briquettes and Powermelt, Powermelt HP is a proprietary product developed for use in your treatment ladle.  This product is a specially processed 97% SiC grain meant to maximize benefits by improving mag alloy recovery, increase fade time, enhance nodule count, and lower shrink, chill and slag defects.  Dauber spent several years perfecting the sizing of Powermelt HP and, like all DCI processed SiC products, boasts of unprecedented inventory levels of this pristine product in order to quickly react to customer needs.  To learn more about the use of SiC in your ladle, Contact Us.


When it comes to providing the foundry industry with the ideal SiC product, no one does it better than Dauber Company. PowermeltXtra is another proprietary SiC granular product processed by DCI.  This is one of Dauber's newest innovations and is used for cupola injection.  DCI is also one of the world's leaders in the application of SiC external to the cupola.  To learn more about cupola injection, Contact Us.